Wash Shed Laundrette Narrabri

Wash Shed Laundrette Narrabri

Come in and enjoy a great washing experience

With the latest coin laundry equipment available and the air conditioned comfort of The Wash Shed Laundrette Narrabri why would you wash laundry anywhere else?

We have a variety of machines for all your needs from double load 9kg front load washing machines to triple load 14kg  front load washing machines right up to the top of the line 18kg front load washing machines suitable for up to 4 loads of washing at once!

These larger machines also lend themselves to the washing of larger items,  wash blankets, doonas, bedspreads and curtains all no problem so why not do a spring clean today?

At Narrabri Laundrette our dexter washing machines, are state of the art front load washing machines , using a fraction of the water and a fraction of the laundry powder to wash your clothes to the highest possible standard.

Choose Hot wash, Warm wash or Cold wash, these great washing machines have your laundry covered! At 23 minutes a load, you will have the laundry done and be kicking back relaxing before you know it!

Our range of gas heated clothes dryers range from 30 pounds for fast drying  your washing to 2 x 50 pound dryers for the big laundry jobs! Imagine washing all your sheets in one load then popping them in the dryer all done in less than 1 hour,  free time here you come!!

At Wash Shed laundromat Narrabri, we have a state of the art easy card system installed, no need to be fumbling about with coins, just load $5, $10, $20 or $50 notes  into the ATM and viola the credit is applied onto the card. Next simply insert the card in the washing machine you wish to use and choose the washing cycle of your choice.

Alternatively insert the easy card into the clothes dryer you wish to use and it will apply six minutes for each time you insert the card, then push start and sit down and relax! No more coins!! Your wash shed Laundrette Narrabri easycard is reusable!

Your Narrabri Wash shed  laundrette just takes the amount of the washer or dryer from the card leaving the unused balance on the card.

When you need more credit simply insert the card into the Narrabri Wash Shed Laundromat ATM and load the required amount on to the same card, then keep it in your wallet always ready for your next washing experience!

For your convienience Narrabri wash shed launderette also has a washing powder and fabric softener dispenser available you will need 1 x $2 coins to operate the dispenser. So come on down and get the best laundry experience in Narrabri!!

93 Maitland Street
Phone: 0428 944 555

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93 Maitland Street, NARRABRI NSW
Phone: 0428 944 555